How to make a How Chocolate Bomb with Alcohol

How to make a How Chocolate Bomb with Alcohol



If you want to make boozy chocolate bombs you can accomplish this task by adding anything from cognac, Kahlua, Grand Marnier to whipping up sweet Baileys hot chocolate bombs. Just imagine what goes well with hot chocolate and let your imagination go wild.


The first thing you need to know about making boozy hot cocoa bombs or hot chocolate bombs with alcohol is to try your hardest to use a sphere or round silicone mold that has a diameter of at least 2 ½ inches. 


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Remember, amounts given are for one cup of milk only so if you have a large mug of milk you may need more than one hot cocoa bomb to make your drink taste as it should!


Hot chocolate bombs with alcohol can be a wonderful thing. Especially if they’re Bailey's hot chocolate bombs. One of my personal favorites.

On more than one occasion I have enjoyed a Baileys hot chocolate bomb and let me tell you, if you love Baileys this is a bucket-list drink you have to try.

And I’m not even kidding. These hot cocoa bombs are that tasty, with and without alcohol of any kind.


The main thing you have to remember when making hot chocolate bombs with alcohol is this: leave out the marshmallows until it’s time to make your hot chocolate!

Pour COLD liquor or liqueur over your hot cocoa or hot chocolate mix and store your boozy chocolate bomb inside your freezer until needed. If you’re making multiple boozy hot chocolate bombs for later, consider labeling them!


I also have to share this method. An individual who tried this recipe made a paste out of the cocoa powder or hot chocolate mix and Baileys (or whichever alcohol they were using) and said it worked great.

Of course, I just had to try making a paste myself. Let me tell you what a brilliant idea it is! Creating a paste works beautifully to make delicious boozy hot chocolate bombs.

To give you an idea, we use about ⅔ cup of cocoa, sometimes a little more depending on the alcohol we’re using, to ½ cup of alcohol usually.

Then we fill each half of the cocoa bombs with the paste which is thick enough, similar to a ganache, that you have time to close and totally seal each bomb. Work as quickly as possible because the paste will harden somewhat.

Then, we serve our boozy hot cocoa bombs in hot chocolate milk.

Add marshmallows or whipped cream and enjoy your wonderful hot chocolate bombs with alcohol.

After creating the paste you’re easily able to pack your boozy bombs. It’s nice to be able to add the paste to both halves of the hot chocolate bombs before sealing them together and not have to worry about anything falling out or spilling.

Other Liquor Options you could consider: 


  • Baileys Irish Cream—provides a chocolate-vanilla kind of flavor
  • Cognac—adds a candied fruit and citrus flavor
  • Grand Marnier—will add an orange flavor
  • Tia Maria—adds a coffee vanilla flavor
  • Kahlua—will add a sweet coffee flavor
  • Maraschino—will add a cherry flavor
  • Dooley’s—a toffee flavor but now they have licorice, egg cream, and white chocolate versions too
  • Crème de menthe—will add mint flavor
  • Coconut Rum—will add a wonderful coconut flavor
  • Malibu—will also add an amazing coconut flavor to your hot cocoa bomb with alcohol
  • Sheridan’s—adds a coffee flavor to your hot chocolate bomb
  • Frangelico—adds a hazelnut flavor
  • Amarula—includes a slight caramel flavor with a little vanilla and various spices
  • RumChata—adds cinnamon and vanilla flavors

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